How to disassemble and assemble HBAN 22mm push button LA38 201 product?

Our company has recently introduced an innovative disassembly method for the HBAN 22mm push button LA38 series, now upgraded to the LA38-201 product. This new product features a push-type disassembly method, replacing the original snap-type rotating disassembly, to address the challenge of difficult installation in small spaces.

Upgraded Disassembly Method:

The HBAN 22mm push button LA38-201 product has been upgraded with a push-type disassembly method, allowing for easy installation and removal in confined spaces. The traditional snap-type rotating disassembly method often posed challenges in tight installations, but the push-type disassembly method resolves this issue by providing effortless disassembly and assembly.

Improved Installation Process:

The upgraded LA38-201 product eliminates the need for difficult-to-rotate buckles, making the installation process quick and seamless. With the push-type disassembly method, users can simply press the yellow device in the correct position to easily install or remove the button, saving time and effort in industrial settings.

Enhanced Durability and Waterproofing:

Like its predecessors in the LA38 series, the HBAN 22mm push button LA38-201 product is crafted from high-quality plastic spray paint and metal materials, ensuring durability and longevity in industrial environments. The waterproof level remains IP65, and the rating can reach 10A/660V, maintaining the same level of protection and reliability as the original series.

This enhanced durability makes the HBAN 22mm push button LA38-201 product suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including machinery control panels, manufacturing equipment, and automation systems. Its waterproofing capabilities ensure reliable performance even in harsh environments, making it an ideal choice for outdoor installations and applications where exposure to moisture is a concern.

In conclusion, the HBAN 22mm push button LA38-201 product offers effortless disassembly and assembly with its innovative push-type disassembly method. Designed to address the challenges of installation in small spaces, this upgraded product provides enhanced durability, waterproofing, and ease of use in industrial applications, making it the perfect choice for your industrial needs.

Ready to experience the convenience and reliability of the HBAN 22mm push button LA38-201 product? Contact us today to explore our range of industrial buttons and discover how they can streamline your operations. With our commitment to innovation and quality, we are your trusted partner for all your industrial button needs. Elevate your industrial processes with HBAN 22mm push button LA38-201 and enjoy effortless disassembly and assembly for your industrial applications.

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