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New product 19mm plastic ring led push button switch ip65 1no1nc

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Introducing the Versatile Switch 19mm  with Circular LED Lighting

Discover the efficiency and reliability of our 19mm switch with circular LED lighting. Designed with precision engineering, this switch is a versatile solution for various applications. Its 19mm mounting hole ensures easy installation in control panels, machinery, and equipment.


Key Features:

1. Momentary Operation:

The 19mm switch is equipped with a momentary mechanism, allowing it to return to its original position after activation. This feature ensures smooth and continuous operation, making it suitable for applications that require repetitive use.


2. High Rating:

With a rating of 5A/220V, this switch can handle high electrical loads, ensuring efficient and reliable performance in various industrial settings.


3. IP65 Waterproof Rating:

The switch is designed with an IP65 waterproof rating, providing protection against dust and water ingress. Its robust construction allows it to withstand challenging environments, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.


4. 1NO1NC Contact Type:

The switch features a 1NO1NC contact configuration, offering flexibility in wiring options for different control scenarios.


5. Circular LED Lighting:

The head of the switch is equipped with circular LED lighting in a vibrant red color, providing clear visual indication of the switch’s status. This enhances visibility and aids in easy identification of the switch, even in low-light conditions.



The 19mm switch with circular LED lighting finds applications in various industries, including:


– Industrial automation
– Machinery control
– Electrical systems
– Robotics and CNC machines
– Automotive and transportation


Versatile and Reliable Performance:

Engineered with high-quality materials and precise craftsmanship, the switch 19mm ensures optimal performance and longevity. Its five-pin contact terminal enhances stability and durability, making it a reliable choice for critical operations.


Easy Installation:

Installing the 19mm switch is a breeze. Its standard 19mm mounting hole allows for seamless integration, while the five-pin contact terminal simplifies the wiring process. With proper installation, you can enjoy effortless control and operation.



Unlock the potential of your applications with the switch 19mm with circular LED lighting. Its momentary operation, high rating, waterproof ip65, and easy installation make it a versatile solution for various industries. Trust in its reliability and performance to enhance your operational efficiency.


Ensure a safer and more efficient working environment with our 19mm switch. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience its capabilities firsthand. Upgrade your control systems with this powerful and dependable switch.


Dimensions 21 × 13 × 6 cm
Mounting hole:


Product series:

HBS1-AGQ19F Momentary plastic series



Switch head type:

Ring LED

LED color:


LED volt:

12v, 24v, 220v

Terminal type:

5 pins terminal

Contact combination:



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