Push button switch head type in flat head, domed head, high head, what is the meaning?

Explore the meanings and applications of push button switch head types, including flat head, domed head, and high head switches. Learn how to choose the right head type for your project and find quality flat head push button switches in our catalog.


Push button switches are common components in various electronic and industrial applications, and their design varies to suit different needs. One of the critical aspects of push button switches is their head type. In this article, we will delve into the meanings and applications of three common head types: flat head, domed head, and high head push button switches.

Decoding Push Button Switch Head Types

Push button switches come in various head types, each with unique characteristics and applications:

Flat head Push Button Switches

Flat head push button switches feature a button that is flush with the switch’s surface. This design provides a sleek and low-profile appearance. Flat head switches are often used in applications where space is limited, and a clean and minimalist aesthetic is desired. They are also suitable for situations where accidental actuation should be minimized.

22mm flat head push button ip65 switches

Domed head Push Button Switches

domed head push button switches have a rounded, ball-shaped button that protrudes slightly from the switch’s surface. This design makes them easy to locate and press. domed head switches are favored in applications where users need to operate the switch quickly and effortlessly, even in challenging conditions. Their ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and reliable operation.

domed head waterproof push button switch

High Head Push Button Switches

High head push button switches feature a button that extends significantly above the switch’s surface. This prominent design makes them highly visible and accessible. High head switches are ideal for applications where the switch needs to stand out, such as emergency stop buttons or situations where users require a clear and immediate indication of the switch’s status.

high head metal ip67 push button switch

Choosing the Right Head Type

Selecting the appropriate head type for your push button switch is crucial to ensure the switch’s functionality aligns with your application’s requirements. Consider factors like available space, user interface preferences, and the level of visibility and accessibility required.


Understanding the differences between flat head, domed head, and high head push button switches empowers you to make informed decisions when choosing switches for your projects. Each head type serves specific purposes, and selecting the right one enhances user experience and overall functionality.

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