What attributes should you know before buying a push button switch?

Before purchasing a push button switch, it's crucial to understand the essential attributes that ensure the right fit for your project. Explore the factors that impact performance and functionality. Elevate your control solutions today!


Push button switches are fundamental components in various electronic and electrical applications. Whether you’re designing a control panel, building a DIY project, or maintaining industrial machinery, choosing the right push button switch is crucial. To make an informed decision, it’s essential to consider several key attributes that affect its suitability for your specific needs.

1. Type of Operation

Functionality: Push button switches can have two primary types of operation: momentary and latching. Momentary switches only remain in the “on” position while you press them, making them ideal for applications requiring temporary activation. Latching switches, on the other hand, stay in their last position until you press them again, providing continuous or toggling control.

Applications: Consider the nature of your application. If you need a switch for tasks like starting a motor or triggering an alarm temporarily, a momentary switch is suitable. For applications where you want to maintain a particular state, a latching switch may be more appropriate.

What is a momentary button switch
What is a self-locking button switch

2. Voltage and Current Ratings

Functionality: Push button switches come with specific voltage and current ratings that dictate their performance and safety limits. Ensure the switch you choose can handle the voltage and current requirements of your circuit.

Applications: Overloading a switch with voltage or current beyond its rated capacity can lead to malfunction or even pose safety risks. Always match the switch ratings to your application’s electrical specifications.

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3. Contact Configuration

Functionality: Push button switches can have various contact configurations, such as SPST (Single-Pole, Single-Throw), SPDT (Single-Pole, Double-Throw), DPST (Double-Pole, Single-Throw), and DPDT (Double-Pole, Double-Throw). Each configuration serves different control needs. Applications: Choose the contact configuration that aligns with your circuit requirements. SPST is commonly used for simple on/off applications, while SPDT or DPDT are suitable for more complex switching needs, like reversing motors or selecting between two circuits.
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4. Mounting and Size

Functionality: Push button switches come in various sizes and mounting options. Consider the available space in your project and whether you need panel-mounted or PCB-mounted switches. Applications: For projects with limited space, compact switches or surface-mount options might be preferable. Ensure that the switch’s mounting style matches your project’s requirements.

5. Actuator and Button Style

Functionality: Push button switches have different actuator styles, such as flush, extended, or illuminated buttons. The actuator style affects ease of use and visibility. Applications: Choose an actuator style that suits your project’s ergonomic and aesthetic preferences. Illuminated buttons are excellent for low-light environments or indicating the switch’s status.

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